Consulting Solutions
for the Energy Markets

Find out why our clients use us for their natural gas, crude oil and NGL market solutions.

Bentek’s approach to energy markets consulting is unique. We have an extensive collection of data points to drive our market analysis, allowing us to provide you with a transparent look at the methodology and assumptions used to create your customized solution. As part of this service, we also provide detailed ongoing market assessment through our extensive suite of subscription products.

No matter how complex the issue, we have an experienced team specializing in the natural gas, crude oil and NGL markets that is there for you through the entire consulting process.

Top reasons to use Bentek’s Consulting team:

  • More than 25 years of experience providing actionable solutions to the leading oil and gas producers, pipeline companies, energy traders and financial institutions across the globe.
  • Solutions based on work from a large team of analysts with access to thousands of data points across all energy commodities.
  • Unlimited access to our analysts at any time to discuss market questions.
  • Follow-up subscription products allow you to track events related to your project.

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Our Approach

Learn more about our approach to consulting.

Our Team

Meet the Bentek Consulting team.


View a sample of our work — The Williston Basin: Greasing the Gears for Growth in North Dakota.


View a sample presentation about NEXT and the AECO Market by the Bentek Consulting team.


Bentek’s analysis is developed using the most detailed level of data available. This unique resource allows Bentek the ability to develop studies based on market fundamentals at the lowest level possible, utilizing proprietary data collection technology, relational databases and modeling tools. Learn more about our bottom up approach.


Bentek’s approach to each project is transparent. Our analysts use many data inputs to develop a full understanding of the project. We explain to clients how we develop insights and can provide the data and assumptions used to arrive at all findings and conclusions.


Bentek’s evaluation of commodity markets identifies unknowns and provides ongoing market assessment through a range of reports and services. Bentek reports and online analytics tools can track commodity market developments on a daily, weekly or periodic basis.