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Platts LNG Navigator

Platts LNG Navigator connects you with the key information driving the LNG market, available online for centralized access, anytime, anywhere. Looking for more than just a report? We’re bringing together all the news, analytics, insights and data for a more robust LNG resource:

  • Prices

    • Display of Platts prices, including Platts JKM™, other LNG hub prices, oil-linked pricing, the coal-switching price, and freight rates
    • Netback table identifying LNG hubs of interest for buyer or seller
  • Analytics

    • Supply and demand five-year forecasts by country with analysis
    • View expected flows matched to contract portfolios
    • Global balance, comparisons, re-exports, and more fundamentals
  • News

    • Real-time publishing of the latest market heards
    • Insight and analysis on the implications of news
    • News archive for historical context
  • Shipping

    • Directory of static vessel data
    • Analysis of ship routes and journey times
    • Frequency of ship journeys and patterns

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Platts LNG Navigator

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